Friday, March 08, 2013

hello christopher!

meet christopher, just six days old!

before our session i had no history with christopher's parents, just a string of emails from his mom while we waited for him to arrive.  we talked about the kind of newborn photos she was hoping for - soft, natural photos of the new family around their home.  it sounded like a perfect fit for me and when i finally got to ring their doorbell, i was sure of it.  

on the day of our session little christopher was so new, he had spent most of his time being cuddled and happily sleeping in someone's arms.  the lucky boy had his mom, dad and two grandmothers oohing and aaahhing over him.  (he also has a dog, but the dog wasn't as enthusiastic about christopher's arrival).  christopher gave a little protest about being laid down for photos on his own.  but it all worked out wonderfully and the photos of his mommy settling him, talking to him, and touching his forehead have become my favorites.

emily and chris, thank you for inviting me to photograph your brand new family!  i look forward to watching christopher grow :)


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