Thursday, May 10, 2012


there is a special kind of joy that comes with photographing the new baby of a couple whose wedding i also photographed.  

stacie and garrett are an all time favorite couple.  i was so lucky to be in on their beautiful wedding.  we also spent time taking engagement photos - which they laughed all the way through -  and bridal photos  before the big day.  and when the time came, i was tickled to be asked to take photos of baby Maddox.

maddox is beautiful and perfect and fun to photograph.  watching stacie and garrett be parents brought back a flood of memories of their wedding ceremony under the giant oak tree and the first dance where they swayed touching foreheads through most of the song.  i just love them.

we had a wonderful morning photographing maddox at home.  he was, just like his parents, really laid back. he played along and never fussed much, but he did make it clear that we were totally disturbing his nap. i love all the photos i got of him yawning and stretching!

stacie and garrett, thank you for letting me continue to photograph your family.  i couldn't be happier for you!




  1. Leslie these are fantastic-you are truly talented at what you do! We just love being around you and look forward to more time spent together through the years as our family grows!


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