Thursday, May 17, 2012

kristen! class of 2012

i have been so excited about this session!

like several of the seniors i've gotten to photograph this year, kristen plays soccer on my husband andy's team.  she has been part of the varsity team since she was a tiny, skinny, quiet freshman.  the years have seen kristen grow to be a senior captain that the team and coaches can always rely on - on and off the field. 

kristen is going on to UT and considering studying environmental engineering - i like to think that she may have been inspired on that path by andy too, and his environmental science class.  he will be crazy-proud.

besides being dependable and smart, she is also beautiful, kind and truly lovely in every way.  i knew i would enjoy photographing kristen.  we got lucky with amazing weather and wild flowers in bloom everywhere we looked.  i tried out a few more new locations - i'm finally settling into my new(ish) space in clear lake.  the wild, natural settings we chose especially suit kristen and i'm crazy about the yellow flowers - so those images are my favorites.  (but if pressed to choose my very favorite, it would be one of the black and whites in the flowers below. surprise, i know.)

kristen, congratulations!  you are going to love UT and austin.  you are also going to be very missed at home, so come back when you can.

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