Friday, May 04, 2012

haley . class of 2012

haley and cody have been friends since they were little, spending their afternoons at the park making up games and swinging from rope swings.  it was hayley's idea that she and cody schedule their senior portrait sessions on the same day and keep each other company.

i've known haley for a few years.  she is a goalie on my husband's (amazing) soccer team.   haley has a quick wit and a free spirit.  she was really fun to photograph.

haley also had the idea to string all of her soccer jerseys up inside the goal.  from the tiny jersey she wore on her first competitive soccer team to those she's worn with her team at the high school state tournament.  next year she will get a new jersey when she joins her college team.  i know i speak for a lot of people when i say, we're proud of you haley.  good luck (and visit often)!


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