Monday, December 05, 2011


Brooke is a senior and a goalie on my husband's soccer team. our family loves watching her play. 

i was excited but nervous to take senior photos for her.  i really wanted the photos to capture brooke's spirit. i had an idea of what i wanted to get...
and i think i did it.  i'm really happy with these images.

brooke is often the clown of her team.  the one with the funny voices and the biggest laugh.  she has an easy disposition that makes you like her right away.  she also has the most beautiful eyes!

i had so much fun at the session.  brooke brought along three friends to make faces at her and make her laugh.  the location was new to me, i had so many ideas. i shot a ton of images and eventually had to stop because we ran out of sunlight.  i had lost track of the time and was late to dinner with my family! (totally worth it for these photos).

brooke, i hope your senior year is amazing.  fill it with friends and family - and one last trip to the state tournament!

just because i told brooke i would put this on the internet
the reason for all of brooke's smiles during the session - great friends

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