Friday, November 04, 2011

madison + austin

i thought i loved this family before i photographed them.

we have been friends since madison was weeks old.  spending time with their family is always fantastic.  when i come to take photos, they really allow me to just document - they get it.

this time, they went on with a simple sunday morning - they drank coffee, played paper dolls, read books....we went to the park and for a swim so we would get some photos of things the kids love to do right now.

i fell hard for the way madison's hair hangs around her face.  and for the mischief in austin's eyes.  but mostly i enjoyed sitting in on their family time and i learned that i love the way they love each other.

kat and alan, thanks for having me.  i loved every minute. i hope it shows in these photos. 


  1. OMG, Kat kept Madison's hair a secret. I love it.

    And the photo of Austin laying on the dog. SO FUNNY.

  2. Leslie, Thank you so much. Absolutely priceless.


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