Wednesday, October 12, 2011

shaniece + mike in napa

i am lucky to have spent shaniece and mike's wedding weekend with them in napa valley, california.  for four days they were surrounded by the love, laughter, tears and hugs (so many hugs!) of a close group of friends and family who traveled from across the US to meet them in lush and lovely napa.


the wine flowed freely, the weather was unbelievable, and you could point a camera any direction and get a beautiful photo.  there was so much to be happy about.  but most of all, i was overjoyed that shaniece and mike love each other the way they do.  many of you in houston know shaniece, she is my trusted second photographer at weddings, she is my friend, and she is one amazing kindergarten teacher!  now she is mike's wife, and i've never seen a bigger smile.

shaniece and mike are both photographers.  their friends and family are photographers.  i don't think i have ever been to a wedding with so many photographers in attendance!  and i have never been so nervous to photograph a wedding! 

to all the new friends i made in napa - thanks for an amazing time!  should we do it again?  an anniversary trip?  shaniece and mike, thank you.




  1. these pics are awesome les! & if shaniece sees looked GORGEOUS!

  2. That dress is so freakin' fantastic.b

  3. AMAZING photos and what a beautiful wedding. Was all smiles as soon as I saw who the bride was- always loved working with Shaniece back in my wedding planning days! Best wishes to the happy couple!!!


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