Sunday, October 16, 2011

emily + john michael

i knew emily and john michael would get married the first time emily told me about him....

her eyes were twinkling away and i could tell that the corners of her mouth wanted to turn up into an enormous grin.  it was only a matter of time.

emily and i are friends.  our lives have crissed and crossed in many ways over the years.  she is my friend's sister, she has been another friend's roommate, she designed an addition to my first house that became my first photo studio.  she told me then that she hoped one day i might photograph her wedding.  i am so grateful i did.

the wedding was perfect.  simple, elegant, with unexpected touches.  the emphasis for the whole day was firmly placed on faith and family.  during the toasts at the reception the love in the room was palpable.  it was evident that every person there had been wishing and praying this union into being for emily and john michael. we've been rooting for them.

emily and john michael, there is no better way to say it.  i am just so happy for you.

emily had two sashes, one for the ceremony, one for the reception
emily is an architect.  she and the bridesmaids spent the morning getting dressed in a beautiful home that emily designed.
needing a little extra help, the men watched videos to learn how to tie their bow ties
the groom had practiced
they played frisbee for a moment before the ceremony
this series of photos from the first dance is my favorite of the whole day.  so lovely.

the seating chart, drawn like an architect's rendering of the room, included a detail of the cake

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