Sunday, September 25, 2011

savannah rose

i was so happy to be asked to photograph Savannah.  the photo session was a gift to her parents from another wonderful client.  i love that kind of generosity.

savannah is beautiful and her family is over the moon with her arrival. they have waited for her for a long, long time.  her big sister is especially awestruck. watching the sisters together was the best part of the shoot.  i found myself thinking: savannah is one very loved and lucky baby girl.


  1. i always always always love your newborn sessions (well really i love them all!!) i wish i could have some big life moment so i could ask you to treasure it for me :) ummmmmm and hopefully i will have a friend as sweet as your client's friend ;D hehe okay i'm only half serious :)
    lots o' love, smellen

  2. ps i like the new simplicity to your blog! very pretty


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