Monday, March 02, 2009

asher's first haircut

i finally broke down and cut baby asher's hair.

the first hair cut seems like such a milestone to me.  i experienced it with greyson - in a snip of the scissors, my baby boy looked like a big boy!  knowing what i am in for,  i have been holding out with asher,  waiting as long as possible to trim the baby hair out of his eyes and off of his neck.  after almost 16 months, his hair was pretty crazy -- but it also seemed to fit his crazy little personality :)

we love lisa at shine in the heights - she makes my whole family look good!  i was excited (and a little sad) to bring asher to her.  the first time lisa met asher he was so tiny he nursed under my smock while lisa cut my hair!

asher was very unsure of the whole event.  he held tight to his daddy.  in the end it was a great success - asher looked very handsome and i did not even cry!  greyson and andy got haircuts too, but andy won't let me photograph his....

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