Friday, January 30, 2009

happy birthday Sammy & Noah

i have two amazing little friends.

if you have not heard about Sammy & Noah, please read about them and see photos of the first time i met them here.

Sammy & Noah just celebrated their first birthday!  and it was really a year to be celebrated! their families and friends came together for their naming ceremony and birthday party, all in one.

for Sammy, Noah, and those who love them, this year was full of fear and hope, strugle and triumph, worry and faith, sadness and great joy.....and through it all, love.

like so many people this year, i waited for jordan's updates in her online journal and read them while holding my breath.  i didn't even know them before i photographed them the first time, but this family has been part of me this year.

i felt that many of the photos of the party were personal moments or photos of special people.  so i am not sharing too many of those.  but i did want to give everyone who has asked me about the twins this joyful update -- Sammy & Noah are One!

harry, jordan, thank you for again allowing me to photograph your precious family.  i am going to hold you to a session in the spring so i can see how big the twins get between now and then!

Jordan - seeing you with your children, reading your thoughts, listening to your toast to them at their celebration - you have taught me an immeasurable amount about what it means to be a mother.  you are an amazing mother.

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