Friday, January 23, 2009

beautiful alex

i have been photographing alex since she was three months old.  she just turned two.  i can't believe it!  no matter how many times it happens, it doesn't get less amazing to watch a little person grow up so quickly!  i still had her pictured in my mind as a baby, but i was greeted by this beautiful girl with long hair and long legs!

i always have fun and simple shoots with alex.  we stay home.  we play with toys.  we play in the yard. it doesn't take much more than a happy little girl to get great photos.

alex's mom told me that alex insisted on wearing this pink doggy shirt for her photos because it is her favorite and she wears it all the time. perfect.  these are things you will want to remember.

tracy, todd, it was a pleasure, as always.  thank you for choosing me to photograph your beautiful daughter.

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