Tuesday, May 06, 2008


please help me welcome ellen
ellen is my new studio manager. she has been a wonderful addition to goodlight photography. we love her already. (and we hope you do, too!).

things i love about ellen:

she smiles when she talks - always

she unabashedly adores Bjork and all things Bjork-like

she genuinely wants to help each client she is in touch with

she wears fun socks, never plain white

greyson thinks her eye make-up is beautiful
the first time i gave her a pay check she told me immediately that i wrote it for too much
she talks to asher like he understands every word

she likes ice cream almost as much as me!

most of all, i love having ellen here because her hard work means i have more time to spend with my family. there is nothing better.

thank you ellen!

do you have nice things to say about ellen? please leave us a comment and surprise her, she will LOVE it! :)


  1. ellen,
    you are very encouraging, and you do a great job at what you do! :)


    p.s. i love your shoes in these pictures!

  2. ellen,
    you need to get some TOMS shoes. you need it. you NEED them!!!! thanks for helping out leslie. and shhhh, i know tha asher really knows exactly what you are saying.


  3. yayyy!!!!!!!
    and i love kimb & joel :D
    and duh! leslie & asher & greyson too!!!!!
    <3 ellen

  4. Ellen has always been such a great friend and she tells me all the time how much she loves and adores all the work she gets to do with Leslie.

    It sounds like it was a good move for both the studio and Ellen.

    :D - Jenn

  5. ellen smells like onions and i mean that in only the most loving kind of way!


  6. I got to meet Ellen when she came to my house with Leslie for Parker's photo shoot... she's really sweet! Plus she put up with Gunther barking at her the whole time. Welcome to Goodlight, Ellen. You are in great hands with Leslie! Love the pics of you in the park- we should all go get ice cream together soon. I'm a HUGE fan too!

  7. Ellen, you are great! You have been so helpful and encouraging...thanks for helping me so fast yesterday with my photos on pictage!


  8. Wow! what lovely photos!!! i'm from Argentina and I've just met Ellen...then, ask her where...hahahaha!!
    I love seeing her pictures, she has a wonderful smile!!!
    I love reading the comments too, It seems that she is a nice person...

  9. Ellen you've always been an amazing sister. You have such a passion for all the arts, and you're amazing at them :) I'm glad I can have you as a sister.



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