Monday, April 28, 2008

kimb & joel

I enjoyed Kimberly and Joel so much that I may have to invent reasons to photograph them just to get to see them again!

They had a lovely wedding. But for Kimb and Joel the wedding was not about the dresses or the flowers or the centerpieces. It just wasn't about being fancy. The day was really a celebration of Kimb and Joel becoming a married couple and pledging to spend their lives together. I know that sounds simple. I just really felt the love. And I love to feel the love. :)

Here are some moments from their day that I thought were special. One of the most fun things about their wedding was that theyl decided to do their toasts with Dr. Pepper! Joel is an out of control Dr. Pepper junkie and he got hundreds of glass bottles of original recipe Dr. Pepper for their toasts. What a great touch of personality at a reception!

Kimb and Joel.....a total pleasure. Have kids soon so I can take some more photos for you ;)


  1. yup! leslie these are great. you did such a great job at capturing our day. i can't count how many times i've watched the slideshow. you are good my friend. you are good.

  2. i am so happy with these photos! i cannot wait to see the rest! thank you again!!!


  3. what a couple of cuties! :)
    <3 ellen


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