Monday, April 28, 2008

kimb & joel

I enjoyed Kimberly and Joel so much that I may have to invent reasons to photograph them just to get to see them again!

They had a lovely wedding. But for Kimb and Joel the wedding was not about the dresses or the flowers or the centerpieces. It just wasn't about being fancy. The day was really a celebration of Kimb and Joel becoming a married couple and pledging to spend their lives together. I know that sounds simple. I just really felt the love. And I love to feel the love. :)

Here are some moments from their day that I thought were special. One of the most fun things about their wedding was that theyl decided to do their toasts with Dr. Pepper! Joel is an out of control Dr. Pepper junkie and he got hundreds of glass bottles of original recipe Dr. Pepper for their toasts. What a great touch of personality at a reception!

Kimb and Joel.....a total pleasure. Have kids soon so I can take some more photos for you ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

tiny miracles

sammy and noah are my new teeny tiny friends. they are twins who made their entrance into the world very early. i was lucky enough to get to visit them in the nicu and witness the first time the two babies were able to be together since birth.

the twins and their family are amazing. i was really struck by the faith and the optimism that bubbles from their mom and dad. i knew by talking to jordan on the phone that i would love her, and i was right. the babies are doing wonderfully. i think they were each approaching 4 pounds when i visited. they are tiny people but their will is huge. i cannot wait to see them again soon for more photos and to see how much bigger they have gotten!

jordan keeps an online journal and below is an excerpt from it. thank you jordan for welcoming me into your home away from home and trusting me and my camera to tell this part of your family's story. i am richer for knowing you and your children.

A while back when all was going according to plan, I called a friend, Leslie Gaworecki, a professional photographer, to reserve her for a photo shoot shortly after Sammy and Noah's arrival.

Clearly, Sammy and Noah didn't like that idea and their first photo shoot was like all other things, put on hold. A week or so ago, I called Leslie to let her know the situation and she did what so many of you continue to do, she offered to help in any way that she could. She offered to come to the hospital and take photos of Sammy and Noah in the NICU.
There are some things that new parents can't get enough of, kisses, kisses and photos of your baby! For Harry and I Leslie's generous offer was a dream come true and we immediately began making preparations for the twins' debut.

Leslie arrived at the hospital yesterday mid morning and she meant business. She had her suitcase filled with all of her equipment and Sammy and Noah were dressed to the nines. The hour that followed was something that Harry and I will treasure forever. Throughout the past ten weeks I have been able to hold Sammy and Noah individually for hours upon hours. The ability to hold them and comfort them is a luxury that we do not take for granted and time that I adore. However, I struggle knowing that Sammy and Noah have not been able to touch one other since their last moment in my womb. Sammy and Noah are a pair, and they have both struggled to stay alive and my heart desperately yearned for them to reunite with one another to reassure the other one that they too were still holding on. Yesterday, with the camera rolling, provided the perfect opportunity to join Sammy and Noah together after ten grueling weeks apart. I cannot attempt to describe this event to each of you. Words simply fail me at this moment. What I can give each of you is a glimpse of yesterday through Leslie's lense.

Leslie creates the most wonderful slideshows of her photo sessions, and she has outdone herself with this one. Please take a look at our two beautiful blessings,

Make sure your volume is on, as if the pictures she took aren't wonderful enough, Leslie has set the pictures to an endearing song that of course made Harry and I cry.

Thank you Leslie for offering to help us capture this journey that we are traveling. There is no greater gift than allowing Harry and I to share these pictures with our friends and family, and most importantly with Sammy and Noah when they are grown and using their own four hands to change the world.

my boys

i love to catch my boys in moments like this...

but, if they see me photographing them they look at me like this...

except for asher, my littlest love, who hasn't yet learned to dislike having his picture taken.

mandy & james

mandy and james are such a sweet couple. i loved being around them on their wedding day. mandy has the best smile! my favorite photos are from their first dance. they are beautiful and truly full of the romance of the moment.

mandy and james, thank you for having me - it was a great pleasure :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

5 months old today....

asher turned 5 months old today. he is beautiful and fun. he has discovered his tongue. he can roll over and gets great pleasure from grabbing toys and getting them into his mouth. greyson calls him superbaby -- then that makes greyson superbrother.

i fall in love with my boys every day :)

Monday, April 07, 2008

2008 Regional Champions!

my husband, andy, is the girls varsity soccer coach at clear lake high school. this is his first year as a head coach and his first year coaching girls. he has had an amazing year.

this weekend his girls played in the regional finals and WON! they are the 2008 Regional Champs! i am so proud of andy and so proud of the girls. i've never had so much fun watching sports. the girls love the game and love each other - and andy has loved every minute of coaching them along the way to their goal. our family has really been blessed by what this team has meant to andy. i just wanted to share a few photos...

on the way to regionals...

circle up before the regional final...
the littlest lake fan...
2008 Regional Champs!... (andy is at top right)to see a great segment of andy and some of the team on the local news, click here.
to see game clips of the semi final clear lake vs. katy and and an interview with andy, click here.
to see game clips of the final clear lake vs. kingwood and an interview with senior captain, bri cagle, click here.