Monday, March 03, 2008

kathryn, jared, and hudson

this is one of my favorite engagement sessions in a long time! there are so many reasons why i love these photos.

first, i really enjoyed kathryn and jared. they are so great together and so in love. jared is the sort of gentleman you don't run across very often, kathryn is gracious and kind in return.

next, we chose to shoot in my neighborhood, the heights, which i love! i took them to a few places that i have been wanting to shoot for a while. new locations always challenge and inspire me.

third, and best of all, kathryn's three year old son, hudson, was invited to join in on the fun! i thought it was such a great idea to include hudson since the three of them will soon be celebrating the start of their new family.
some of my favorite shots of the day are those that i didn't intend for hudson to be in, but he would run by or jump into the frame! so funny, he really stole the show!

jared is an up and coming singer songwriter in nashville! i think he is very talented. check out his music on his myspace page.

kathryn, jared, hudson, thank you all for a really great shoot. i am so excited for the wedding!


  1. Love that painted fence. Where is it?

  2. the fence is in the heights, on 10th st near my house. isn't it great? :)

  3. nice ones. yea leslie when kimb and i came to your house for our meeting i totally want to spend a day in the heights taking shots. its just that good.


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