Tuesday, March 04, 2008

houston area photographers, please read :)

for some time now (years, actually) i have thought that i would like to start a very relaxed and fun periodic get together for houston wedding and portrait photographers. a "club" to be junior high about it.

i know lots of us probably spend tons of time looking at each other's work online, or we hear about each other through the grapevine. but i would love to actually see each other face to face instead of only trading blog comments.

i know there are other groups -- but i'd like this one to be largely social and very informal. i feel like that is different from what else is out there - that i am aware of anyway.

my hope is simply to stir up a fantastic sense of community among us all. i want to meet up for coffee or a glass of wine and laugh a lot and share ideas - and be free of competitive snobbery.

i'd love to have a dozen great photographers to pass leads to, to help out, or to ask for help. doesn't that sound great?

so......are you in?


  1. im in. though im sure i will be last on the talent scale. it would be a great help for me and my photography.

  2. You know it! Sounds like a plan to me!
    You know whats so funny? whenever I think of you, I automatically go "I could use some coffee" !


  3. ha! i am drinking coffee right now, in fact.

    guys, please pass this to any other great photographers you know -- as always, the more the merrier!

  4. I'm in!

    About to pop out my 2nd kidlet, though...so no time too soon ;-)

  5. yay! we'll welcome everyone, especially you, dianna!

    and we'll see you when you are ready for a glass of wine away from baby, sara :)


  6. Hi Leslie! I'm Jeremy's friend (he met you at Mandy's wedding) and I sent you an email earlier today. I hope you got it! Let me know if you did! :)


  7. I'd love to meet some other Houston area photographers!


  8. I'd love to join in!



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