Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hilary & nick - so much fun!

hilary and nick met me in my neighborhood for their engagement photos. we had a great time - ice cream at cricket's was the best part!

nick and hil - thanks for being so fun and making my work so easy! i know your wedding is going to be a blast. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

alison & justice in the Knot!

alison and justice - another favorite couple. their wedding is featured as a Real Wedding in the Knot Texas that is out right now! i was happy that the Knot selected their wedding because it was very intimate and personal, and filled with elegant touches. you may have seen their engagement photos in Brides Houston too.

alison and justice, i just had a blast with you both and loved every image we created together :)

melanie & scott in Bride's Houston!

i was so excited to hear that Bride's Houston magazine chose to feature melanie and scott's wedding in their latest issue. it is on newsstands now, and the photos look great. melanie and scott's wedding is an all time favorite :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

greyson at the beach

my boys joined me in galveston, so we played on the beach after catherine and josh's session. andy and i love galveston because we have so many memories of it - we went there after our high school prom and we got married in galveston too! this was the first time we have been as a foursome :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

catherine & josh on the beach

i met catherine and josh in galveston for their engagement session on the beach! we had great weather and i think they had fun splashing around and getting sandy.

catherine and josh - thanks for playing along! it was fun and i think we got some great moments. i'm already getting excited for your wedding! :)

Saturday, March 08, 2008


this is marlie. along with mom, dad, and big brother matt, we had a great time. she is so smiley and cuddly! i love the photos of her snuggled up to her parents. i think you spend so much of your time with little ones holding them close to your face like that, breathing in their baby smell :)

pamela and doug, it was great fun to meet your family. thanks for having me. i know marlie has probably grown a bunch already!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

houston area photographers, please read :)

for some time now (years, actually) i have thought that i would like to start a very relaxed and fun periodic get together for houston wedding and portrait photographers. a "club" to be junior high about it.

i know lots of us probably spend tons of time looking at each other's work online, or we hear about each other through the grapevine. but i would love to actually see each other face to face instead of only trading blog comments.

i know there are other groups -- but i'd like this one to be largely social and very informal. i feel like that is different from what else is out there - that i am aware of anyway.

my hope is simply to stir up a fantastic sense of community among us all. i want to meet up for coffee or a glass of wine and laugh a lot and share ideas - and be free of competitive snobbery.

i'd love to have a dozen great photographers to pass leads to, to help out, or to ask for help. doesn't that sound great?

so......are you in?

hee hee...

Monday, March 03, 2008

kathryn, jared, and hudson

this is one of my favorite engagement sessions in a long time! there are so many reasons why i love these photos.

first, i really enjoyed kathryn and jared. they are so great together and so in love. jared is the sort of gentleman you don't run across very often, kathryn is gracious and kind in return.

next, we chose to shoot in my neighborhood, the heights, which i love! i took them to a few places that i have been wanting to shoot for a while. new locations always challenge and inspire me.

third, and best of all, kathryn's three year old son, hudson, was invited to join in on the fun! i thought it was such a great idea to include hudson since the three of them will soon be celebrating the start of their new family.
some of my favorite shots of the day are those that i didn't intend for hudson to be in, but he would run by or jump into the frame! so funny, he really stole the show!

jared is an up and coming singer songwriter in nashville! i think he is very talented. check out his music on his myspace page.

kathryn, jared, hudson, thank you all for a really great shoot. i am so excited for the wedding!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

five fantastic boys

i met this wonderful family a couple of years ago. since we met the family has grown and now katie has five grandsons - ages 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1! this is the second time i have photographed all five of them together, and they are a blast. this time was especially fun because we finished off the shoot at candylicious (the best ever candy store!). the boys loved all the candy so much - you'd be amazed at how much candy a 3 year old boy can stuff into a basket in a matter of minutes!

katie and family, thank you for spending the morning with me! i love photographing your family, the boys are just the greatest. i hope you all recovered from the sugar high :)