Monday, January 28, 2008

sadie's baptism

i am lucky enough to have photographed sadie several times since she was born. the first time i met her she was 8 days old! her mom and dad had a wonderful celebration for sadie's baptism and asked me to be there. it was full of family and friends. the weather was perfect. it was a beautiful, beautiful day.

sadie's mom, christine, is an event coordinator and the owner of belle of the ball - so you know she has fantastic taste.
the celebration was at the manor house at the houstonian. rob (events in bloom) did a lovely job with the flowers and decor - you couldn't help but smile from the moment you drove up and saw the flowers hanging at the entry!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


no peeking joel!

photographing kimb is so much fun!

she is beautiful. she is also relaxed in front of the camera and confident enough to try things and to be silly. we had a great time. and i think we got some amazing shots. joel is a lucky guy :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i took a few quick photos of my office manager, Sannam, and her husband over the weekend. they are super cute together. if you haven't gotten the chance to meet Sannam, now you can put a face with her name! she won't be around the studio much longer, but i am lucky to have met her and made a wonderful friend.

Friday, January 18, 2008

alex and her mommy

these are some of the reasons why i love to take photos-

asher able

asher is growing so fast. he is two months old already. holding him while he sleeps is truly my bliss. i find that i bask in our quiet times together and never want to put him down. i think that is because i saw how quickly greyson grew from a tiny sleeping angel to the reckless, spirited boy he is now. i just want to remember every moment...

search for a new office manager

sadly, my office manager, Sannam, is leaving me. it is for the happiest of reasons though, she is focusing on her growing family :)

so, i am looking for someone to fill her ever stylish shoes!

the job is part time in the office - no photo experience neccessary. it could become a full time job for someone with photography experience. email me if you are interested! and thanks for passing this on to anyone you know who might be a perfect fit!

blogging is not my forte...

i am a terrible blogger.

i also hate the word "blogger", so i should probably be banned from blogging.

my husband warned me that i would not keep this up. but i really do want to share all the wonderful things i get to photograph, so i resolve to try harder! and i apologize for sucking so far.

recently we moved, had a new baby, and i had my busiest and most wonderful year of weddings
in 2007! i cannot begin to catch up on all the things i've done, so i'll just add photos that i want to share as i think of them.

this is my new son. as my three year old says, now i have two crazy boys!

two crazy boys!

greyson is a fantastic big brother. he wants to hug and kiss asher all the time!